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The prairie dog target is meant for varmint rifles at 100 yards or more.  Larger caliber rifles are fine. Shotguns with shot are fine at 15 yards or more.  Rim fire rounds are fine, but light rounds will not make the targets "flash".

The standard target has a flat base and should be staked to the ground.
  • Bolt on legs to elevate the target. Stakes may be needed.
  • A large plastic flash card with metal protector that bolts on (helps when shooting without a spotter)
  • A rear card holder that bolts on:
    - Armor
    - Mild steel (rifle rounds will penetrate)
    This is made to hold white cardboard, 1/4 inch white melamine, or white ABS plastic (14 x 14 inch works well). This helps silhouette the prairie dog and also shows where the round went if you miss the target.
  • Note: Florescent orange marking paint works well for the flash.
Before hit:
After hit:


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